This ‘n That — 2021-06-04

There’s not lot going on around here the first week in June, so I decided to visit a couple of nearby South Carolina state Heritage Preserves to try to find something to photograph. The first place I decided to visit was Ashmore Heritage Preserve just off of Persimmon Ridge Road in upper Greenville County. The

Capturing Light – My Take on it… — 2021-05-21

I get sooooooo many questions about my photography set up and workspace that I thought I’d prepare a post about my camera equipment and a bit about how I achieve my results. Perhaps this might be of some help to you now or in the future. This is NOT a “how to” exercise, but just

Test Post for New Blog version — 2021-04-17

Hey Folks, first let me apologize for sending this test notification. I have been working with the design team at my hosting site,, for the past month to revamp the functionality of my blog. It pretty much looks the same, but should run faster and be more efficient. You will probably notice a few

How to: Search for items on Jim’s Blog website — 2019-05-06

***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************** I sincerely apologize if you have received this post multiple times. I have moved my website to a new web hosting service, and I am experiencing some problems in sending out notifications. In order to fix the problem, I will have to resend this post, maybe a couple of times. Again, I

Weeds (wildflowers) in the front yard — 2016-03-06

From time to time (about once per year), I recalibrate the fine-tuning autofocus mechanism on my camera lenses using a device called SpyderLENSCAL. [Technical stuff follows:] According to photographylife website, the way calibration works, is DSLR cameras have a setting, which allows compensating for either back-focus (when focus is shifted behind the focused area) or

Blank Canvas…

This blog entry is quite a departure from all of my previous botanical entries. Having said that, there is a hint of nature in it after all. For years, I’ve wanted to take advantage of the blank canvas that is my body, my skin. The average person has between 16 and 20 square feet (1.5

A new book is now out about the Green Swamp, Brunswick County, North Carolina

Sometime shortly after I wrote my first book called, “Wild Orchids of South Carolina”, I began to put together the images and design for another book — one covering the orchids, carnivorous plants, and other wildflowers of the Green Swamp — a fantastic Nature Conservancy preserve in Brunswick County, North Carolina. This place is so

First posting of the year — 2013-01-16

Hello friends — This is the first posting in my new blog for the year. I hope it will be as fun for you as it is for me. I’ll be bringing you my thoughts and images of botanizing trips into the field until I decide not to do so anymore. There will not be






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