First posting of the year — 2013-01-16

Hello friends — This is the first posting in my new blog for the year. I hope it will be as fun for you as it is for me. I’ll be bringing you my thoughts and images of botanizing trips into the field until I decide not to do so anymore. There will not be daily posts, so don’t expect to see them on a daily basis. Just keep checking back from time to time to find out if I have posted something new. Your comments are always welcome. Thanks for your support. — Jim


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  1. Jim,

    Great picture of the mountains of: North Carolina, Arizona, Upstate New York, Washington State? Where?

    The Logo looks good. It would be fun to see how you can display that in a looooong vertical layout. I think I would like to buy one of those pictures to hang in my living room.

    Good luck with the new site!

    1. Thanks, Scott! I really appreciate your comments… Thanks, also, for all of the help in getting this blog off the ground.

  2. So – is there a rock in the picture of the orchids and you or do you take a seat with you to look fetching when you take a picture of you? This is looking good! Congratulations on getting it started.

  3. Great idea Jim!

    I look forward to following your adventures, and (always) the great photographs…

    (Good job on the recent article in the NOC journal about the Green Swamp, too!)



    1. Thanks, Scott! Since you are a SUBSCRIBER, you will get a notification of all new postings. Thanks for the visit…


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