Test Post for New Blog version — 2021-04-17

Hey Folks, first let me apologize for sending this test notification. I have been working with the design team at my hosting site, HostPapa.com, for the past month to revamp the functionality of my blog. It pretty much looks the same, but should run faster and be more efficient. You will probably notice a few minor/subtle changes, but for the most part, it will be the same blog format that I had before.

Toward the bottom of each post and before the comments section, you will find a yellow DONATE button. Please do not be put off by this or feel, in any way, that you should use it. This was placed by the design staff after hearing that I do not receive any funding for the blog through outside sources. I write the blog because I’m passionate about nature photography and about getting out into the wild to share with you my experiences in nature. Clicking on the button will take you to PayPal, where a donation may be made. That’s all it is.

If this test notification works, expect a few more “normal” blog posts quite soon — I’ve been very busy out in the field.

All my best,



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  1. Jim I enjoy seeing what you see and your comments about the flowers and everything else. Keep up the good work as you know no good deed goes unpunished, have a good year.
    Despite my PayPal billing address I spend most of my time on Lookout Mountain, TN.

  2. Jim:
    Your blog is fantastic and I love to vicariously go on your field trips and see your beautiful wildflower photos! Please keep up your great work Jim. Thank you again for allowing us to see your tremendous photography.

  3. Test is good! Enjoy your photos and habitat description s. Do you host any field trips? Thanks!

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