A new book is now out about the Green Swamp, Brunswick County, North Carolina

Sometime shortly after I wrote my first book called, “Wild Orchids of South Carolina”, I began to put together the images and design for another book — one covering the orchids, carnivorous plants, and other wildflowers of the Green Swamp — a fantastic Nature Conservancy preserve in Brunswick County, North Carolina. This place is so special that I had wondered why no one else had written a comprehensive book covering the botanical wonders of this location, and so I decided it was time to write that book. The process has taken me almost ten years from beginning to now, and I think that justice has been done to this treasure of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. The title is a mouthful, “Orchids, Carnivorous Plants, and Other Wildflowers of the Green Swamp, North Carolina: Exploring North America’s Most Diverse Ecosystem”, but it actually fits nicely on the cover and the spine!

For those of you who have had the privilege of visiting the Green Swamp, you will recognize many of the plant species pictured in the book, and you will find, perhaps, some new species to learn about. I have also included several Appendices covering the formative history of the area, discussion of the problem of deciphering the different Spiranthes species found there, discussion and images of the local Sarracenia (pitcher plant) hybrids, and some thoughts about management and restoration of a longleaf pine ecosystem. For you who have yet to visit, perhaps it will plant the seed for a visit, soon.

In early February of this year (2015), the book was self-published due to a lack of interest from publishing companies who I thought would welcome such book into their fold. And now, the books have finally arrived and are available for order and shipment. I have designed an order form whose link can be found at the bottom of my “Books” page. You can click on “Books” in the menu at the top of any of my blog pages and see the cover and some sample pages of this new book as well as read a number of reviews which were generously written by some notable professionals in the field of botany. I also have included a sample of my first book toward the bottom of the “Books” page. It is also available for order.

Currently, the books have not been placed in the inventory of Amazon or any of the “big box” book stores, so you will have to order them directly through my blog website. This may change in the future.

Update: It is currently on Amazon.com. Just search for “Green Swamp orchids” on Amazon, and it will come up for you. Since I am doing the fulfillment for Amazon, I will be happy to sign the book when it is ordered.

Please take the time to peruse the “Books” link above and place an order while they last! Full case (20 books) discount available. 😉


Cover of the Green Swamp book


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  1. Ordered both books today! Can’t wait for the mailman! Both my husband and I love your photography. We have shared your web link with many of our other botany friends – and some of them have signed on too……

  2. Thoroughly enjoy the book! Next best thing to being there myself. For flora of the Green Swamp – and surrounding areas – this is THE book to have. Wonderful job my friend!

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