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I sincerely apologize if you have received this post multiple times. I have moved my website to a new web hosting service, and I am experiencing some problems in sending out notifications. In order to fix the problem, I will have to resend this post, maybe a couple of times. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. –Jim

Over the past 6 years of blogging, I have received many queries offline asking me how to find references to specific items in my blog posts. So far, I have posted 300 blog posts (this one is #300), covering many dozens of different plant species and locations, so knowing exactly which blog post to access when looking for a specific item is challenging. This blog post should make it a bit easier for the reader to understand how to perform a search.

1. Each page of every post will have a SEARCH box in the upper right corner of the page:


2. Type in the value you wish to search for. This is where a bit of thought is in order. For instance, if you are looking for all instances of Calopogon that appear in any of my blog posts, just type calopogon (upper or lower case — doesn’t matter) in the SEARCH box and click on the SEARCH button. Here is what you will get — 22 instances:

Search results

It’s always a better practice to be as specific as you can in your searches. For instance, if you type in Calopogon multiflorus, you will get the following 4 instances returned (there is actually an additional one — I wrote this blog entry a while back…):

Search for Calopogon multiflorus

You can also search for more complex terms such as Calopogon barbatus Green Swamp, and here is what will be returned:

Calopogon multiflorus Green Swamp

Keep in mind that the search will give you all instances of each word of your search criteria in each blog post without any particular context. So, in this case, the first post contains the subject matter of Calopogon barbatus in the Green Swamp, but the second post contains all of your search words, although the Green Swamp is only mentioned in passing and is not the subject of the post.

I have found it useful to search the blog by date. I have specified the date of each post in the title in the format YYYY-MM-DD. For instance, if I wanted to see all reports posted in 2017, I would enter 2017-. I added the “-” in the search criteria to include the dates specified in the post title. To perform a search for all reports posted in May of any year, for instance, I would enter 05- as the search criteria. Note: But, do not enter -05-, as it will return erroneous results. I have no idea why the beginning “-” makes any difference, but it does.

Lastly, if you enter search criteria that contains an item(s) that does not appear in any single blog post, it will return “No results found”. For instance, I you enter Calopogon multiflorus airplane, you will get “No results found”, because no single blog post contains these three words.

I hope this helps some. I use the SEARCH function a great deal in determining where and when I’ve visited certain sites. Perhaps it will be useful to you, as well.



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  1. Thanks so much,Jim. Kevin and I really enjoy every blog with such superb photos.

    We’ve moved to Va, so love glimpses of the SC and NC mountains and their rich plant life.

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